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Delbert W. Miller


 USS Fogg Di Milla  Photos  

DE-405, Cafferty Scrapbook



Baguio POW Camp, Philippines

Omori POW Camp

USS St. Lo


EM2/c Harold M. Compton, USS Fogg, DE-57      

WWII Diary

"Life Jacket"
by Evan Crawforth


Letter to Carleton Fogg
by Susan Lane Fuss

USS Fogg Ship's Log
 1943 to 1945

USS Fogg Honor Roll


ZERO by C. Davis Fogg

James L. Turner




Amazing video about North Platte, NE -

USS Saint Lo CVE-63 
(formerly Midway),
& Composite Squadron 65 (VC 65)

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Read:  "Life Jacket" by Evan Crawforth


(Photo courtesy of Mike McKenna)


USS St Lo (formerly Midway) CVE 63/VC 65

This site covers the history of the Saint Lo, from the shipyard to the final and fatal day on October 25, 1944 when she was sunk during the Battle Off Samar.   Included is an extensive image gallery including pictures of the original documents and photos from the US Navy, history of the ship, history of the squadron, and the events of the Battle Off Samar.  Very little survived the sinking of the St. Lo, but a few pictures have surfaced, from personnel who left the ship before it sailed for battle.    These will be published as they emerge from collections for the first time - they will be published in  New Photos.


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