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Peregrine White


Peregrine White (November 20, 1620-July 20, 1704) was the first English child born to the Pilgrims in the New World. He was born in Provincetown Harbor to William and Susanna White, before the passengers of the Mayflower had decided where they would settle. His name means "one who journeys to foreign lands," or, more simply, it is a French and Middle English word for "pilgrim." Soon after the landing, his father died, and his mother remarried to Edward Winslow. It was the first wedding in the New World. Winslow later adopted Peregrine and made him an heir.

White's name appears frequently in the records of the colonists. Though he was an esteemed member of the community as the first white child born in New England, he appears to have had a dissolute youth, and was brought before the local court for "fornication before marriage" with his future wife Sarah. He later became a citizen of the settlement of Marshfield, Massachusetts, and held some minor civil and military offices.

White died in 1704 at the age of eighty-four.


Peregrine White, first child born in New England of English parents, born on the Mayflower in the harbor, November 20, 1620....  died Marshfield, Massachusetts July 22, 1704.


Son of William and Susanna White.  Because he was the first child born after arriving at the new world, he was given 200 acres of land from the General Court. 


He filled various civil and military offices.   His father died during the colonists first winter at Plymouth.  His mother married Governor Edward Winslow, the first wedding in New England.


Peregrine White's cradle


Peregrine White was the first child born to the Pilgrims in the New World. His parents, William and Susanna White, had boarded the Mayflower with their young son Resolved. Susanna gave birth to Peregrine before the end of November (Old Style calendar), 1620 while the Mayflower was anchored in Provincetown Harbor.   Pilgrim Hall owns and exhibits the cradle of Peregrine White.

William White died the first winter, Susanna White married fellow Mayflower passenger Edward Winslow. In 1636, the family, now numbering 6 - Edward and Susanna White Winslow, Resolved and Peregrine White, and the two children born to Edward and Susanna, Josias and Elizabeth Winslow - moved to the new settlement of Marshfield, north of Plymouth.

Peregrine had his first military experience at age 16 and continued to serve in the militia, first as a lieutenant and then a captain. Like most of the settlers, Peregrine was a farmer. He also served his community as a representative to the General Court.

Peregrine married Sarah Basset about 1648. Sarah’s parents, William and Elizabeth Bassett, had been members of the Leiden Separatist community. They arrived in Plymouth in 1621 in the Fortune. Sarah was born after their arrival in Plymouth, sometime before 1627. The Bassets had considerable land in Marshfield and Peregrine moved onto his in-laws land, buying several adjacent pieces of property as the years progressed. Peregrine and Sarah had 7 children.

At age 78, Peregrine officially joined the Marshfield church. He lived until July of 1704, dying at Marshfield aged 83.


The Last Will and Testament of Peregrine White

"The fourteenth day of July Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and four.
"I Peregrine White of Marshfield in ye County of Plimouth in New England Being aged and under many Weaknesses and Bodily Infirmities But of Sound disposing mind and memory praises be Rendered to Almighty God therefore yet in dayly Expectation of my Great Change Do therefore hereby make and Declare this my last Will and Testament hereby Revoking and making null any former Will or Wils by me heretofore made and declare this to be my last Will and Testament and no other -
"Imprimis I Humbly Commit my Soul to Almighty God that Gave it and my Body to decent Buriall when it Shall Please him to take me hence And Touching my Worldly Estate which it hath pleased the Lord to Bless me with my Will and meaning is that ye same Shall be Imployed and disposed as followeth that is to say after my just debts and funeral expenses are payd and discharged by my Executors hearafter named the same shall be Imployed as herein is expressed    Item I Give and Bequeath to Sarah my welbeloved Wife all my Goods and Chattels not otherways disposed of by this my Will the same to be for her Support and Comfort for and during ye term of her naturall Life.   Item I having already by Deed under my hand and Seal Dated the 19th day of August 1674 Given and Confirmed to my Eldest Son Daniel White my Tenement or Homestead with other my land and Rights of Land in ye Township of Marshfield with ye Exceptions and Reservations therein mentioned - All which lands and premisses I hereby further confirm unto him according to ye true meaning of ye said Deed   and I do hereby further Give and Bequeath to my said son Daniell my Great table and fourms my Joynworke Bedstead and Cupboard Also I Give unto my said Son Daniel ye one moiety or half of my lands and Rights of land in ye Township of Middleborough Always provided that in Consideration thereof he the said Daniel Keep for the use of my said wife both Sumer and Winter one Cow during ye life of my said wife Item I have enjoyned ye said Daniel to pay unto my Daughters Sarah and Mercy each of them ye sum of Ten pounds as in ye above Recited Deed is mentioned.  It is my will that what is behind and unpaid by him by duly paid to them out of his Estate according to ye meaning of ye said Deed.  Item I Give and Bequeath the other moiety or half my land and Rights of land in ye Township of Middleborough to my two sons Jonathan and Peregrine to be equally parted betweene them  I further Give to my said son Jonathan my Rapier and to his eldest son I Give my Gun.  Item It is my will that all my said Goods and Chattels that shall be remaining at my wife her decease be Equally parted betweene my four children namely Jonathan Peregrine Sarah and Mercy    And further it is my will that Sarah my wife enjoy that part of ye Dwelling house that I now live in and enjoy  And I hereby Give her the one third of ye Rents and profits of ye lands contayned in ye above Recited Deed to hold to her during ye term of her Naturall life and lastly I hereby nominate and Appoint my said Wife and my said Eldest Son Daniel joynt Executors of this my last Will and testament And do Request my Good friends and Neighbours Samuel Sprague Senior and John Dogget to be overseers thereof and be helpfull in ye advising my wife to such methods as may conduce to her comfortable subsistance while she lives  In Testimony whereof and in confirmation of ye promisses I ye said Peregrine White has hereunto set my hand and seal on ye Day and year above Written.  Item before sealing I give to Each of my sd Daughters one painted chair and a cushion.
The mark of Peregrine White" 

Inventory of the goods of Peregrine White, deceased 1704

Note: inventories are valued in pounds (L), shillings (s) and pence (d).  There were 12 pence (or pennies) to a shilling and 20 shillings to a pound.

    L s d
Imprimis His wearing Apparril   .4 .. ..
His Armes & Ammunition   .1 10 ..
To a joyne worke cupboard Table forme & bedstead   .6 .. ..
To two painted Chaires & wrought Cushions   .. 12 ..
To five other Chairs   .. 14 ..
To a feather bed & furniture & a silk grass bed bedstead & furniture   12 .. ..
To his books   .. 15 ..
To Table linnen & Towels   .1 .. ..
To a joyne worke Chest   .. 10 ..
To a Hatchell   .. .6 ..
To Indian Corne and Rye   .. 19 ..
To Pewter and Earthen vessels   .1 .. ..
To an old Brass kettle   .. 10 ..
To 2 Iron pots & an Iron kettle   .. 15 ..
To a trammel Tongs & fire slice & pot hookes   .. .5 ..
To a little Skillett and frame   .. .5 ..
To a pair of Bellows & a meal cive   .. .5 ..
To Sheeps woll and flaxteers   .. 10 .6
To a frying pan 4s and a meal bagg 3 s   .. .7 ..
To 2 spining wheels & 3 pair of Cards   .. 16 ..
To a toast Iron tin and glases   .. .3 ..
To wooden vessells and Lumber   .1 10 ..
To ye 1/2 of a yoak of oxen   .3 10 ..
To the half of a horse   .1 .. ..
To 4 Cows at 45 shillings a cow   .9 .. ..
To one Heifer of 3 years old   .1 10 ..
To 1/2 of 3 young Cattle   .2 .5 ..
To ye 1/2 of 10 small Swine   .1 .9 ..
To 2 hives of bees   .. 12 ..
To 16 sheep & lambs   .3 12 ..
Debts due to the Estate from the Town of Marshfield   .1 10 ..
The Estate is Indebted to severall persons   .2 .1 .5
more sense come to knowledge   .. 19 .3



Peregrine White : his birth on the Mayflower

"The names of those which came over first, in the year 1620, and were by the blessing of God the first beginners and in a sort the foundation of all the Plantations and Colonies in New England; and their families…
"Mr. William White and Susanna his wife and one son called Resolved, and one born a-shipboard called Peregrine ..."
William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation 1620-1647, ed.
Samuel Eliot Morison (New York : Knopf, 1991), p. 442.

" pleased God that Mistriss White was brought a bed of a son, which was called Peregrine."
Mourt’s Relation, ed. Jordan D. Fiore 
(Plymouth, Mass. : Plymouth Rock Foundation, 1985), p. 26-27.

"Before the End of November Susanna Wife of William White was delivered of a Son, who is called Peregrine being the first Born since their arrival and I conclude the first of the European Extract in New England."
Thomas Prince, New England Chronology, 1736.

William White, Peregrine’s father, died in the general sickness of 1620-1621. His mother, Susanna White, married Edward Winslow in the spring of 1621.

Peregrine White and the 1623 Division of Land

The 1623 Division of Land marked the end of the Pilgrims' earliest system of land held in common by all. Governor Bradford explains it in this way:
"And so assigned to every family a parcel of land, according to the proportion of their number, or that end, only for present use (but made no division for inheritance) and ranged all boys and youth under some family. This had very good success, for it made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been by any means the Governor or any other could use, and saved him a great deal of trouble, and gave far better content. The women now went willingly into the field, and took their little ones with them to set corn; which before would allege weakness and inability; whom to have compelled wold have been thought great tyranny and oppression."
William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation 1620-1647, ed.
Samuel Eliot Morison (New York : Knopf, 1991), p. 120.

Plymouth Colony Records, Deeds, &c, Vol. I 1627-1651 is the oldest record book of the Plymouth settlement. It begins with the 1623 Division of Land, recorded in the handwriting of Governor William Bradford. Peregrine White is not mentioned by name but his father, William White, who had died early in 1621 is mentioned. The inference is that land is being given to the surviving family of William White. The land is described as "The Falles of their grounds which came first over in the May Floure, according as their lotes were cast … William White 5 … this .5 akers lyeth behind the forte to the litle ponde."

Peregrine White and the 1627 Division of Cattle

Plymouth Colony Records, Deeds, &c, Vol. 1 1627-1651 is the oldest record book of the Plymouth settlement. It tells of the 1627 Division of Cattle :
"At a publique court held the 22th of May it was concluded by the whole Companie, that the cattell wch were the Companies, to wit, the Cowes & the Goates should be equally devided to all the psonts of the same company ... & so the lotts fell as followeth, thirteene psonts being pportioned to one lot ...
"The third lot fell to Capt Standish & his companie Joyned to him (2) his wife Barbara Standish (3) Charles Standish (4) Allexander Standish (5) John Standish (6) Edward Winslow (7) Susanna Winslow (8) Edward Winslow (9) John Winslow (10) Resolued White (11) Perigrine White (12) Abraham Peirce (13) Thomas Clarke
"To this lot fell the Red Cow wch belongeth to the poore of the Colonye to wch they must keepe her Calfe of this yeare being a Bull for the Companie. Also to this lott Came too she goats."

Peregrine White : 1650

"And seeing it hath pleased Him to give me [William Bradford] to see thirty years completed since these beginnings, and that the great works of His providence are to be observed, I have thought it not unworthy my pains to take a view of the decreasings and increasings of these persons and such changes as hath pssed over them and theirs in this thirty years…
"Mr. White and his two servants died soon after their landing. His wife married with Mr. Winslow, as is before noted. His two sons are married and Resolved hath five children, Peregrine two, all living. So their increase are seven.:
William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation 1620-1647, ed.
Samuel Eliot Morison (New York : Knopf, 1991), p. 443-7.

Peregrine White in the Records of Plymouth Colony

7 June 1637 : "It is concluded and enacted by the court, that the colony of New Plymouth shall send forth ayd to assist them of Massachusetts Bay and Conectacutt in their warrs against the Pequin Indians, in reveng of the innocent blood of the English wch the sd Pequins have barbarously shed, and refuse to giue satisfaccon for.
"It is also enacted by the Court, that there shalbe thirty psons sent for land service, and as many others as shalbe sufficient to mannage the barque.
"Leiftennant William Holmes is elected to goe leader of the said company.
"Mr Thomas Prence is also elected by lott to be for the counsell of warr, and to goe forth wth them…
"The Names of the Souldiers that willingly offer themselues to goe vpon the sd Service, wth Mr Prince & the Leiftent. Voluntaries … Perregrine White, [et al]…
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 1, p. 61.

27 September 1642 : "Mr Edward winslow, Mr Tymothy Hatherley, and Captaine Miles Standish are deputed and authorized by the Genall Court, this day, to treate and conclude wth such comissioners as the Gounor & Court of Massachusetts shall appoynt for that purpose, vpon such heads & pposicons as the Lord shall direct them for our combineing together mutually in a defensiue and offensiue wrar for our psent defence against the intended surprisall of the natiues…
"It is also agreed & concluded, that Captaine Miles Standish shall goe captaine to lead those forces that shalbe sent forth; and that Mr Thoms Prence shall go wth him, to be his counsell and advise in the warrs, &c; and that Willm Palmer shalbe leiftennant, and Peregrine White the aucient bearrer."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 2, p. 46-7.

27 September 1642 : "Memorand That Mr Edward Winslow came into the publik Court and did acknowledg That he hath absolutly & freely giuen graunted enfeoffed and confirmed vnto Peregrine White his sonn in law all & singuler those his lands lying at the Eele riuer wth all and singuler thapprtenences therevnto belonging and all his right title and interrest of & into the same To haue and to hold all and singuler the said lands wth their apprtences vnto the said peregrine white his heires and assignes for euer to the onely pper use and behoofe of him the said Peregreene White his heires and Assignes for euer."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 12, p. 86.

6 March 1648-9 : "Wee psent Peregrin White, and Sara, his wife, both of Marshfeild, for fornication before marriage or contract. Cleared by paying the fine."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 2, p. 138.

29 October 1649 : "Presentments by the Grand Inquest.
"Wee psent William Halloway and Peregrin White, both of Marshfeild, for fighting. Cleared, with admonission to take heed for the future."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 2, p. 147.

5 June 1651 : "Freemen admited this Court, and sworne…
"ppounded to take vp theire Freedom .. Leiuetenant Perigren White, [et al]…
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 2, p. 166-7.

5 June 1651 : "The Survayors for the Hiewaies…
"Marshfeild, Anthony Snow, Perigrin White."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 2, p. 168.

3 June 1652 : "The Cunstables of the seuerall Townes … Marshfeild, Anthony Snow, Leiftenant Perigren White."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 3, p. 8.

6 April 1653 : "Memorand : that Leift White bee warned to appeere att the June Court, to answare for his neglect in not convaying notice of danger."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 3, p. 26.

7 June 1653 : "In answare vnto two petitions prefered vnto the Court, the one by Mr Josepth Tilden and Steuen Tilden, and the other by Leiftenant Peregrine white, the Court haue ordered that Mr Hatherley, as soon as conveniently hee can, that hee impannel a jury to lay out a way for the said Josepth and Steuen Tilden, vnto the island commonly called Hatches Iland, and vnto the iland called Coopers Iland; and alsoe a way between Leifte White and Mr Hinksman, and alsoe seuerall wayes from anighbour to naighbour alonge by the sides of the North and South Riuer; the said wayes to bee layed out with as much conveniency and as little piudice as may bee."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 3, p. 34.

9 June 1653 : "Leiftenant white, for neglecting to giue speedy notice of danger when order sent vnto him by a maiestrate to that purpose, and for not convaying speedily a letter directed from the comissioners, videlecete, Mr Bradford and Mr Brown, the said Leiftenant white is fined fifteen shillings."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 3, p. 37.

16 September 1653 [Edward Winslow had agreed to take on Nathaniell Covell as an indentured servant in April of 1653] : "These are to signify that Mr Edward Winslow by a letter sent to mee bearing Date the 2cond of May 1653 gave mee power in his name to assigne over the pty within Names (Nathaniell Covell) to Mr Perigrine White his sonneinlaw to serve him according to this Indenture and the full time therof the which I have now Donne this 16th of September 1653 they both appeering before mee at this time;
By mee William Bradford Governor
"Alsoe the said Mr Perigrine White Doth heerby bind himselfe his heires exequitors and assignes to pforme the Covenants within specifyed to this his servant mencioned in this Indenture and Discharge Mr Edward Winslow of the same and for that end hath heerunto put his hand;
Perigrine White"
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 9, p. 163-4.

6 December 1653 : "Memorand; That Leiftenant Perigrine White of the towne of marshfeild in the Jurisdiction of new Plymouth in New England in america Doth acknowlidge that for and in consideration of the full summe of forty pounds to him in hand payed by capt: Thomas Willett of the Towne of Plymouth in the Jurisdiction aforsaid wherwith hee Doth acknowlidge himselfe Satisfyed contented and fully payed; hee hath freely and absolutly barganed allianated and sold enfeofed and confeirmed and by these Doeth bargane sell enfeofe and confeirme unto the said capt: Willett all that his prte and proprietie of land which as Purchaser or old comer; belongeth unto him att Sowamsett Mattapoisett and places adiacent both upland and meddow with all and singulare the appurtenances privilidges and emunities belonging unto the same; as alsoe the said Leiftenant White is to Defray all charges ariseing by the Indian purchase of the siad prmises; To have and to hold his said prte portion and proprietie of land both upland and meddow which as purchaser or old comer belongeth unto him att Sowamsett Mattapoisett and places adiacent with all and singulare the appurtenances privilidges and emunities belonging therunto or to any prte or prcell therof unto the said captaine Thomas Willett his heires and assignes forever; The said prmises with all and singulare the appurtenances therunto belonging to appertaine unto the onely proper use and behoofe of him the said capt: Willett his heires and assignes for ever; and alsoe the said Leiftenant White heerby covenanteth that his brother Resolved white shall give his [-----] and full consent unto the sale of the abovesaid premises
"This sale was acknowlidged before capt: Standish assistant; the Day and yeare above written."
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 4, p. 86.

5 June 1655 : "Thomas Clarke, of Plymouth, haueing been psented to the Court holden att Plymouth, the sixt of March, 1654, for extortion, hee put this psentment vpon trauerse, and the jury found him not guilty of this psentment.
"The Names of the Jury. Mr. Josias winslow, Senr, Joshua Pratt, Gorge Lewis, Anthony Snow, Leift Perigrine White, [et al] …"
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 7, p. 73.

8 June 1655 : "The milletary officers, settled according to the request of the seuerall townes, are as followeth:
"For Marshfeild, Mr Josias Winslow, Junir, for captaine; for leiftenant, Mr Peregrine White; for ensigne, Marke Eames."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 3, p. 80.

15 June 1656 : "A Deed appointed to bee Recorded
"Know all men by these prsents that I Willam Bassett senir of Duxburrow now living Att Bridgwater for Divers Reasons and Considerations Doe freely Surrender and give up all my proper and whole Interest in my landes lying being and Scittuatt upon the south River with all the Emunities and privilidges belonging therunto both uplands and meddow lands unto my two sonnes there living viz Perigrine White and Nathaniell Bassett; I say I give all my proper Right & enterest unto them and to theire heires for ever with full power to establish theire right and enterest according to court order under the prsent govrment after the usual order of confeirmacon of lands; provided that both the aforsaid pties bee fully agreed upon the Devision of the lands which was to bee measured and ordered by mr Garrett of Scittuate whoe was appointed Survayor of the same; In Witnesse wherof I have sett toe my hand my owne proper Act and Deed June the 16th Anno : Dom : 1656
William Bassett;
Witness heerof, William Britt

"William Bassett senir : of Bridgwater Desired mee Richard Garrett to Survay his lott of upland and marsh att marshfeild by the south river and to make a Devision of the said upland and marsh unto his two sons viz Mr perigrine white and nathaniell Bassett which accordingly I have Done;
"According to the Record wee began to measure att mr Starrs line by the marsh and from thence Did Run a west southwest line of 220 Rods for the length of the lott att a marked tree ; and from thence wee Did Run a line north northwest 119 Rodds att a stake for the corner in the plaine and from thence wee Did Run a line east northeast 94 Rodds to the old Marked tree att the north side of Daniell Coles Iland which by meanes of the Swamp and mersh coveing up into the upland the lott is Narrow att one end and Broad att the other and Mr Whites two fiftes of upland is bounded att Mr Whites south Range Runing from the point of marsh 106 Rodds 12 feet in Mr Starrs south Range att a marked tree and from thence it Runs 60 Rodds north northwest to a marked tree neare to Nathaniell Bassetts Barne ; out of which share of upland the said Mr White hath graunted to the said Nathaniell to have A triangle of upland by his Barne bounded from the corner of Mr Whites said lott to Run twenty three Rodds to a marked tree in the range … And the said Mr White and Nathaniell Bassett Doe likwise agree that convenient waies shalbee allowed to each other all which said prmises wee Doe both of us Cordially and Really Agree unto Witnesse our hands this 17th of Aprill 1656…"
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 10, p. 25-27.

2 October 1658 : "You [Josias Winslow] shall on all occations bee redy to aduise with such as the councell of warr shall appoint to bee of youer councell; and they haue for the psent chosen these heerafter nominated, viz : Capt. Tho Willet, Leifte Tho Southworth, Ensigne William Bradford … Leift Peregrine White, [et al] … and doe allow that these, or any six or more of them, with yourselfe shall acte as a councell."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 3, p. 153.

3 October 1659 : "Wheras by a former order of Court the seuerall townes in this jurisdiction were required to send in for each towne a man vnto this Court, and to envest them with full power in their behalfe, to treat and conclude about leting of the trad att Kennebecke, - accordingly they did send those whose names are vnderwritten …
"For Marshfeild, Leiftenant White…"
[The terms of the trade agreement, signed by the representatives, follow.]
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 3, p. 170-171.

6 June 1660 : "The Grand Enquest … Leift Peregrine White, [et al] …
5 March 1660-1 : "Wee, whose names are vnderwritten, being impannelled on a jury to enquire how Jeremiah Burroughs, of the towne of Marshfeild, came by her death, wee find, that hee, coming in a smale cannoo to fech some goods hee had in John Bournes boate, and reaching with his hand to lay hold of the boate, reached short, and soe fell into the water, wherby hee came by his death; and soe wee say all.
"Josias Winslow, Peregrine White, John Bradford, Josepth Bedle, Willam Foard, Anthony Snow, Thomas Tilden, John Caruer, Elisha Besbey, Gorge Russell, Timothy Williamson.
"Memorandum : that some course bee thought on and ordered about smale and naughty cannoos, and in speciall about this cannoo in the which Jeremiah Burrowes went nto the boate in which hee came by his death."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 3, p. 188, 208-9.

3 June 1662 : "The names of the deputies of the seuerall townes of this jurisdiction whoe serued att this Court are as followeth : - … Leift Perrigrine White, [et al] …
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 4, p. 14.

3 June 1662 : "In reference to a petition prefered to the Court by sundry of the freemen, and in reference vnto a graunt made to some to looke out accomodations of land, as being the first borne children of this voument, and for the disposing of two seuerall tracts of land lately purchased, the one by Major Winslow and the other by Captaine Southworth, the Court, haueing viewed the seuerall lists of the names of those that desired to bee accomodated therin, haue settled it vpon those whose names follow : -
"Mr Prence, Mr Bradford, Major Winslow, Mr Aldin, William Mullins, Mr Brewster, Mr Howland, Francis Cooke, Leiftenant Fuller, Leiftenant White, William Pontus, [et al] …"
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 4, p. 18-19.

10 June 1662 : "The major, Capt Southworth, and Capt Bradford are appointed by the Court to draw vp a forme of comission for milletary officers, viz, captaines, leiftenants, and ensignes, which shalbee in a reddines to bee viewed by the councell of warr att the next generall training; and if by them, or any seauen of them, approued, then to bee established. Aded vnto those abouemensioned for advise and councell, leiftenant torrey, Leiftenant White, Leiftenant nash, and Cornett Studson…
"A deputie of euery towne in the goument was appointed to take the account of the Treasurer, viz, of those tht were now att the Court. Their names are as followeth : - John Morton, Nathaniell Bacon, Willam paybody, leiftenant Peregrine White, [et al]…
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 4, p. 21.
23 October 1662 : "A Deed appointed to bee Recorded
"To all people to whome these prsents shall Come Peregrine White of Marshfeild in the Govrment of Plymouth in New England in America ; gent: sendeth greet &c
"Know yea that I the said Peregrine White for and in Consideration of the sume of thirty and five pounds sterling to bee payed by Mannasses Kempton of Plymouth aforsaid Plantor wherwith the said Peregrine White Doth acknowlidge himselfe fully satisfyed and paied; hath freely and absolutely bargained and sold graunted enfeofe and Confeirme unto the said Mannasses Kempton his heires and assignes for ever ; all those his uplands and meddowes lying att the Eelriver in Plymouth Towneship aforsaid lately assigned and Confeirmed unto the said Peregrine by Mr Edward Winslow in the public Court held att Plymouth the twenty eight of September Anno Dom: 1642 ; and all his Right title and Interest of and into the said prmises ; and every pte and pcell therof ; with all and singulare the appurtenances therunto belonging ; to have and to hold ; all the said uplands and meddowes with all and singulare the appurtenances therunto belonging ; every pte and pcell therof unto the said Mannasses Kempton his heires and assignes forever ; unto the onely proper use and behoofe of him the said Mannasses Kempton his heires and assignes for ever ; To bee holden of our Sobr: Lord the Kinge ; as of his mannor of East Greenwich in the Countey of Kent in the Realme of England in free and Comon Scoccage ; and not in Capite nor by Knights service ; by the rents and services Due and of right accustomed ; and with warrantice against all people whatsoever from by or under him or by his right or title claiming any right title or Interest of and into the said prmises or any pte or pcell therof ; and the said Peregrine white Doth alsoe Covenant promise and graunt by these prsents that it shall and may bee lawfull; to and for the said Mannasses kempton ; either by himselfe or his Attorney to record or enrowle these prsents or Cause them to bee recorded and enrowled ; in his Maties Court att Plymouth before the Govr : for the time being according to the usuall mannor & order of enrowling evidences in such Case provided ; in Witnes wherof the said Peregrine White hath heerunto sett his hand and seale the twenty third day of October in the nineteenth yeare of the Raigne of our Sovr : Lord Charles by the grace of God Kinge of England Scotland France and Ireland Defender of the faith &C Anno Dom 1643
Peregrine White and a [seale]
Sealed and Delivered in the prsence of us
Nathaniel Souther, Willam Collyare, Myles Standish, Resolved White."
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 18, p. 33-34.

7 February 1664 [lands granted by Plymouth Colony Court] : "The severall lots layed forth and bounded lying and being upon Pochade necke neare unto Namassekett graunted unto severall psons afternamed as as followeth;
"Leiftenant Perigrine White, 4 Lot is bounded with a white oke and a red oake tree marked…"
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 34, p. 81.

1 March 1663-64 : "Wheras Samuell Allin, of Barnstable, hath comenced suite against me, John Barnes, of Plymouth, in an action of defamation, to the damage of an hundred pounds, for reporting att seuerall places that one of Willam Newlands daughters was with child, and that she layed it to three men … for the which I am hartily sorry for, and heerby desire to give due satisfaction, and also promise to take all due courses wherby the said Allins credit may bee repaired again, and that it shall be lawful hereby to cause it to be published whersoeuer the said allin pleaseth. And this to bee recorded. witness my hand.
"Witnes. Peregrine White, Willam Clarke."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 7, p. 114.

4 October 1664 : "Mr. Josepth Tilden having complained to this Court that Edward Bumpas, Junior, is indebted vnto him in the sume of eight pounds and odd mony, as will appeer by bill under his hand, and a considerable pte of the debt lyeth vnder attachment in Goodman Holmes his hand, this Court doth esire that Anthony Snow, Leiftenant White, Josepth Bedle, and Thomas Doged, whoe haue bine by the town of Marshfeild impowered to acte for the said Bumpas, or some of them, with the said Edward, to treat and issue with mr Tilden in reference to his debt, that so any further suites may bee prevented; and the men aboue named, or such of them as shall act in it, have power to see such goods as are yet under attachment released for payment of the debt, and it shalbee the constables discharged."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 4, p. 75.

3 October 1665 : "In reference unto the request of the Kinges comissioners, in the behalf of Leiftenant Peregrine White, desiring that the Court would accommodate him with a portion of land, in respect that he was the first of the English that was borne in these ptes, and in answare unto his own petition preferred to this Court respecting the premises, -
"The Court have granted unto him two hundred acres of land lying and being att the path that goes from Bridgwater to the Bay, adjoining to the Bay line."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 4, p. 110.

6 February 1665-6 : "Leift Perigrine White, Ensigne Marke Eames, Anthony Snow, John Bourne, and Willam Foard, Senior, are approved by the Court to bee the select men of the town of Marshfeild."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 4, p. 113.
Peregrine White also served as Marshfield selectman in 1668 (PCT 4:182) and 1672 (PCR 5:92).

29 October 1667 : "These are to inform this honored Court and jury, and all other persons whom it doth or may concern, that whereas I, John Williams, Junior, hath charged Thomas Summers for wronging and abusing me, by inticing my wife from me, and for unlawful dalliance with her … wee, John Williams and Thomas Summers, doe oblige our selves unto each other in the forfeiture of five hundred pounds by any suite of law, not to trouble or vex each other in or about these matters afor said, nor nothing tending nor relating therunto; and also we do further oblige our selves, each to other, in the forfeiture of five hundred pounds starling, to stand to the award of Peregrine White and Robert Marshall, as to the said Summers imprisonment, charges, cost of Courts in or about the premises, in this colonie, and also to pay according to time and specy; and if that the said Marshall and White doe not agree, then wee impower them to choose a third man, and if that they cannot agree, then the Court to choose the third man …
"The Award of Leiftenant Peregrine White and Mr Robert Marshall, concerning the Suite commenced by John Williams against Thomas Summers, last before mentioned.
"Whereas John Williams, Junior, and Thomas Summers did volentarily and freely bind and engage themselves, in the penalty and assumsett of fiue hundred pounds, to stand to the award of Peregrine White and Robert Marshall, as to the said Summers his imprisonment, charges, cost of Court relating to an action commenced by the said Williams against the said Summers, at the Court held at Plymouth, October, 1667, the said Peregrine white and Robert Marshall not agreeing in their determination in reference to the pmises, nor yet agreeing about the choice of a third person, - therfore, according to the aforsaid agreement, the honored Court for the jurisdiction of N. Plymouth did choose and appoint Gorge Watson, of Plymouth, aforsaid, to be the third person to agree with the aforenamed Peregrine white and Robert Marshall, or either of them … our award and final determination to the premises is as followeth, viz, -- That the said thomas Summers shall pay, or cause to be payed, unto the said John Williams, or his assignes, thirty shillinges, attor before the second day of January next ensuing the date hereof, to be payed in currant country pay, at price current. And the said John Williams shall pay, or cause to be payed, unto the said Thomas Sumers, or his order, the sum of forty and three pounds twelve shillings and six pence, the one half to be payed at or before the second day of January next ensuing the date heerof, in wheat, varly, and pork, to be delivered at Scittuate, at price current; and the other half to be payed in current countre pay…"
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 7, p. 138-140.

5 March 1667-8 : "Thomas Summers complained against Ensigne John Williams, in an action of the case, to the damage of five hundred pounds, for that the said Williams hath not performed an award given against him by Leiftenant Peregrine White, Mr Robert Marshall, and Gorge Watson, whernvto he stands bound to the value above mentioned, bearing date November the first, 1667.
"The jury find for the plaintiff the forfeiture of the bond of fiue hundred pounds."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 7, p. 142.

2 March 1668-9 : "Leiftenant Peregrine White, of Marshfeild, complaineth against Benjamine Higgens, of Eastham, in an action of the case, to the damage of sixteen pounds, for not paying a debt due to him, the said White, or his assigns, for a boatebought of him, the said White, the said debt being due, and to be payed the fifteenth of November last past.
"The parties agreed, and the action withdrawn."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 7, p. 153.

29 May 1670 : "An exact List of all the Names of the Freemen of the Jurisdiction of New Plymouth…
"Marshfeild .. Leiftenant Peregrine White."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 5, p. 274, 277.

1672 [Peregrine White was a witness to the will of Ralph Chapman Senior of Marshfield made 28 November 1671 and exhibited to the court on 4 June 1672. The will was not signed by Chapman and so depositions were taken as to the circumstances] : "The Deposition of Ephraim Little aged 22 years of thereabouts … being at the house of William Norkott after the will was made ; they Desired me to set my hand to the will: then the Scribe Desired that I would Read it which accordingly I Did; and after that Mr White had Read it; he asked Ralph Chapman whether this was according to his mind; and he said it is; and further this Deponant saith that I Judge he was I his perfect senses … and further I testify that they asked who shall keep the Will : Mr White said let Ephraim Little ; but I made some words; and Ralph Chapman said let my son William Take it and Give to to Edward Wanton…"
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 19, p. 132-134.

5 June 1672 : " Leift Peregrine White and William Nelson, Senior, were appointed by the Court to lay out or decide certain meddowes belonging to pachague Necke, and the inlargement of vpland on Bridgwater syde of the riuer; and the ptenors of Pachauge Necke aforsaid engaged to defray the charge therof."
records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 5, p. 94.

4 March 1672-3 : "Leiftenant Perrigrine White, Mr John Bourne, and Ensigne Marke Eames, as selectmen of the town of Marshfeild, and in the said towns behalf, do complain against John Farrow and Willam Sprague, Senior, both of Hingham, in an action of the case, to the damage of an hundred pounds, for that the said Farrow and sprague did this day conduct or bring one Hannah Bumpas, a distracted person, whose last settled residence hath bin at Hingham, in the colonie of the Massachusetts, for the space of one year or more, and is thereby, according to an article between the confederate colonies, properly theires to maintain, into the colonie of New Plymouth and towneof Marshfeild, and their leaving her, to their great charge and damage, and to the hazard of the persons so brought and left by them. The jury find for the plaintiffs, that the defendants brought Hannah Bumpas into the town of Marshfeild, that was then an inhabitant of the town of Hingham, five pounds damage, and the cost of the suite."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 7, p. 175.

29 October 1673 : "This Court, having considered the information given concerning the Duch their actings at New York and places adjacent, doe judge it a duty incombent on us to take care in the best way we can for the preseruation of his maties interest and our own in these colonies; but duely considering all circumstances attending that affaire, do not as yet see satisfactory grounds to attempt a war upon them …
"These above written conclusions were made and concluded on the 15th of Septem, 1673, at the Court of Majestrates and Deputies held at Plym aforesaid, before Josias Winslow, Esq. Gou, John Aldin, Willam Bradford, Thomas Hinckley, John Freeman, Nathaniel Bacon, Constant Southworth, and James Browne, Assistants.
"The Names of the Deputies that served at this Court … Leift White, [et al]…
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 5, p. 134-5.

4 March 1673-4 : "According to a grant of the Court bearing date June, 1662, and by a Court order bearing date 1671, Leiftenant Peregrine White and John Nelson layed out one thousand acres of land, lying and bearing neare the Old Indian Way att Teticutt Riuer, about a mile westerly, where Namassakett Riuer runs into Teticutt, and so runs easterly, marked and numbered by the river side, ten lots, of one hundred acres in a lot, running half a mile in length southerly, and one hundred lots in breadth, as may appear by a draught thereof, viz : -
"To Leiftenant Perrigrine White, one hundred acres."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 5, p. 140-1.

4 March 1673-4 : "Isacke Little, and Ephraim Little, both of Marshfeild, complained against Leift Peregrine White, John Dingley, and Willam Ford, Junior, all of Marshfeild aforesaid, in an action of the case, to the damage of thirty pound, for that the said Peregrine White, John Dingley, and Willam Foard, being assembled together since the twenty first day of December last past, did wrongfully enter into and upon the land of the said Isacke and Ephraim Little, viz, a certain parcel of land formerly granted unto John Waterman, and purchased by him of Thomas Little, deceased, father to the said Isacke and Ephraim Little, lying betwixt the land of John Phillips and Joseph Roes and diuers others, as may appeer vpon record, and marked ciuers trees, vpon pretence of laying out land to the said John Phillipps and Joseph Roes.
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 7, p. 189.

2 July 1675 [the will of Josiah Winslow, son of Edward Winslow and half-brother of Peregrine White] : "Item I give to my Brother Peregrine White my spanish rapier & buffe belt with silver Claspes."
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 5, p. 82.

12 December 1675 [regarding the will of Faith Clark Doty Phillips] : "Mr Perrigrine white Did before the Court make oath, that what was above written was Declared by the abovewritten ffaith Phillipps Deceased, before her Death, unto him in Reference unto the Despose of her estate as beforewritten."
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 3, p. 90.

5 March 1677-8 : "In reference unto the verdict of the jury in the case between John Barker, plaintiff, and Capt John Williams, defendant, in an action of account as gaurdian in soccage, which is as followeth, viz, The jury find for the plaintiff…
"Receipt appointed to be recorded in reference to the foregoing Suit.
"…The receipt of thirty shillings excepted was for the land hiered by me, willam Hinksman, of John Sprague, and by him taken of Perrigrine White, which White hiered of Anna Barker. Thirty shillings taken out, there remains 24 li 15 s, William Hinksmans rents for 9 year.
Willam Hincksman.
"Received of Gorge Vaughan, in and by the appointment of Mr Perregrine White the sum of five pounds and ten shillings, which is for rent due to Anne Barker. I say by me received this 26th of March, 1662.
John Williams.
"May the 4th, 1660. Received by me, John Williams, of Scittuate, Junior, the sum of four pounds and seventeen shillings, upon the account of rent of Perregrine white, of Marshfeild, I say, received the sum of four pounds and seventeen shillings. Witness my hand the day and year above written.
John Williams.
"Whereas there is mention made in this receipt of ten pounds remaining in William Hincksmans hand, in reference to building, fencing, &c, we testify that it is to be understood that the ten pounds there mentioned was discounted and payed by the said Hincksman, in the house, orchard, and housing, and fences, that he left on the land, and was so agreed on by the said Hincksman and his landlord, John Williams, and ought more fully to have bine expressed in this receipt. November the 15, 1667.
Josiah Winslow, Perregrine White.
"April the 9th, Received by me, Dolar Dauis, of Concord, by order of Abraham Blush, of Barnstable, the full sum of five pounds and five shillings, of Peregrine White, of Marshfield, in a cow and calf. I say received by me the day and year above written, for the which John Willam, of Scittuate, the said Blushes agent, is to give the said White and Bassett a discharge.
Dolar Davis."
Records of Plymouth Colony, Vol. 7, p. 210-211.

9 May 1692 [Peregrine White was a witness to the inventory of John Phillips of Marshfield]
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 34, p. 37.

1693 [Peregrine White was a witness to the will of William Norcutt, Sr., of Marshfield, Mass., the will was written on 26 December 1692] : "Mr. Peregrine white and Mercy white two of ye witnesses here named made oath before William Bradford Esq judge October 18th 1693 that they were present and saw and heard ye above William Norcutt sign seal and declare ye above written to be his last will…"
Peregrine White’s signature is also on the inventory of William Norcutt Senior’s estate dated 22 September 1693.
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 11, p. 1.

17 January 1695/6 : Peregrine White and John Foster witnessed a bond given by John Doggett of Marshfield to Samuel Sherman, also of Marshfield.
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 11, p. 2.

1698 [Records of the First Church in Marshfield, Mass.] : "Capt Peregrine White the first born Child of New England born November 1620 was admitted into this Church May 22 1698 In the 78th Year of his age."
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 11, p. 38.

Peregrine White : His Death

[From the Vital Records of Marshfield, Mass.] : "Capt Perigrine White deceas July ye 20: 1704."
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 8, p. 177.

[The death of Peregrine White was noted in the Boston News-Letter for Monday 31 July 1704 :]
"Marshfield, July 22, Capt. Peregrine White of this Town, Aged Eighty three years, and Eight Months; died the 20th Instant. He was vigorous and of a comly Aspect to the last; Was the Son of Mr William White and Susanna his Wife; born on board the Mayflower, Capt. Jones Commander, in Cape Cod Harbour, November 1620. was the First Englishman born in New-England. Altho’ he was in the former part of his Life extravagant ; yet was much Reform’d in his last years ; and died hopefully."

[The death of Peregrine White’s oldest daughter Sarah White Young was noted in the Boston Weekly News-Letter for Friday 29 August 1755 with reference to Peregrine :]
"Saturday August 9th died at Scituate, in the 92d Year of her Age, Mrs. Sarah Young, the virtuous Widow of Mr. Thomas Young, and eldest Daughter of That Mr. Peregrine White of Marshfield, who was the First Born English Child in New-England : Being Son of William and Susannah White, born on board the Ship in Cape-Cod Harbour, in the latter Part of Nov. 1620, in which Governor Carver and the Rest of our Plimouth Planters came to New-England, before the Ship left said Harbour and set sail for said Plimouth. Said Peregrine White liv’d in great Health and Vigour to the 84th Year of his Age, when a Fever carried Him off on July 22, 1704, as our News-Letter soon after inform’d the Publick : And this his Eldest Daughter was Born at Marshfield in Oct. 1663, enjoy’d her Senses and Health in good measure, till towards her End, and left four Sons surviving. Two observable Instances of the Long Lives of the very first and second Race of Children born in this happy Country."
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 24, p. 128-129.








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