Delbert W. Miller
Lovingly known as "Uncle Buck"


Buck and Eva (Henderson) Miller

Eva, daughters Sally, Janie, Mary, Susie,  and Buck


Warren Eugene Miller  Buck's Son

(Warren passed away on October 28, 2011).


1st Lt. Delbert W. Miller, 40th Bomb Group, 44th Squadron, Army Air Force, 1943-1945

Delbert W. “Buck” Miller, son of Walter C. and Eliza Miller of Dupree, SD, entered the service 18 April 1943. Flight training, Gunnery and Advanced Bombardier courses were attended in California, Arizona, and New Mexico. ‘Doc, the bronco buster from South Dakota’ as he was known at Bombardiers school, graduated in the Class 44-7 Bombardiers at Kirtland Army Air Field, NM. He was assigned as bombardier in a B-29. He located, identified and bombed assigned targets while on bombing missions; inspected and tested bombsights and allied equipment prior to clearing the ground, and on occasion, helped to navigate the aircraft. Delbert was based in India, China, and Tinian in the Marianas and flew missions over Manchuria, China, Burma, Thailand, French Indo-China, Malay Peninsula Japan, and Honshu. He was wounded in action 26 May 1945 when his plane was shot down over Tokyo by ack ack. Dad said he parachuted out of a window that was way too small to fit through let alone make it out with his flight suit and chute on. He figured God had a plan for him by allowing him to live. When he was captured, the Japanese civilians put a noose around his neck ready to hang him and the Japanese soldiers saved him. He was a prisoner of war at the Omori POW Camp, Japan, for 3 months and 3 days. He was rescued when the United States Navy entered Tokyo on 29 August 1945. The family at home had received word that he was MIA, believed dead. Uncle Casey Miller wrote, “ . . . it was the worst day in my life when I had to come home and tell our parents that their youngest son had been shot down and was missing in action  and presumed dead.” Just before the war ended Aunt Inez Boettcher and Aunt Verna Flick together at Verna’s house listened to a radio broadcast of a list of POW’s. Upon hearing their brother Buck’s name they opened a can of pineapple to celebrate!

1st Lt. Delbert W. Miller, 40th Bomb Group, 44th Squadron, received the following decorations and citations: the Victory Medal, Air Medal, Purple Heart, Asiatic-Pacific Theater Medal with 6 Bronze Stars, and the American Theater Medal.    (medals)

The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe held a Pow-Wow in his honor christening him with the Indian name Flying Eagle.

Dad never spoke much about his captivity in Japan. He said that as a POW involved in bombing missions, they were thrown handfuls of rice and fish heads and that they would have eaten roaches had they been strong enough and fast enough to catch them. We remember Dad telling us that when he was liberated from the POW camp, he was so thin he was able to circle his waist with his two hands. Another story was of the ‘gauntlet’ the POW’s were forced to walk where two rows of Japanese soldiers would line up and hold iron bars at a certain height. The prisoners were blindfolded and forced to quickly walk between them. Dad said he was so lucky to be so short, 5’4”, as he missed being hit on the head by the bars. He made light of his treatment while a prisoner at Omori Camp. A friend and member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe who stayed with him at his parents home south of Dupree while he was convalescing remembers the scars on his back from mistreatment while in the POW camp. He always said he was never treated that badly, not nearly as bad as some of the other prisoners. It was his nature to minimize the atrocities he experienced so that no one would feel bad for him.

Years later, the chaplain at Ft. Meade who spoke at Dad’s burial at the National Cemetery at Sturgis in 1984 related that when he was in the Chapel at Ft. Meade on a Sunday morning a few weeks before Christmas 1983, he noticed Dad sitting quietly with head bowed and tears running down his face. He asked, “Delbert, is anything wrong? Are you okay?” Dad replied, “I look around and there are so many here who have not been nearly as fortunate as I. I have so much to be thankful for.”

Dad passed away about 3 weeks later as a result of complications from heart surgery.

Submitted in his memory by his daughters: Sally Sanderson,  Sue Starr, Janie Davis and Mary Briggs.




Winged Victory and the Crew                                  Keva Joens Photo
back row: Katzbeck, engineer; Murphy, navigator, Papson, pilot; Delbert Miller, bombardier; Lang, co-pilot.

Delbert Miller               Keva Joens Photo


Delbert Miller                                                   Keva Joens Photo


  Returned POW List, Omori, Tokyo Base Camp #1

 About Omori   
Omori Prisoner of War facility on SW edge of Tokyo; each prisoner had a space 24 x 70 inches.  

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Information gathered by Roger Mansell, Palo Alto, CA

Delbert W. Miller was shot down May 26, 1945, over Tokyo, plane #42-63538 & held at Omori. He was with the 58th Bomb Wing, 40th Bomb Group, 44th Bomb Sqn.  The camp was rescued on August 28, 1945.  Delbert weighed less than 100 lbs.


Delbert Miller medals


POW Newsletter WWII


Della Margarite McDaniel married Delbert on October 29, 1943 and divorced on March 1, 1946.  She died September 9, 2005, at 82 years of age.
Eva Henderson Miller married Delbert in 1947.   She died in August of 1990. 



Delbert is buried at Black Hills National Cemetery, Sturgis,  G-6220

Delbert's daughters with Karen Miller

Delbert Miller


Buck, Grandma Eliza, Donald


Buck with Susie and Sally at Grandma's house.

Casey on Buck's lap at the VA Hospital

Buck with his POW license.

Uncle Buck, always fun!

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Hazel, Inez, Donald,
 Verna and Delbert
as little kids.

Iny and Buck


Hazel & Delbert




Mary, Karen, Sally


Millers, Hendersons,


Donald, Buck, Verna,
Eunice, Casey, Hazel, Fred


WC & Eliza's
Family grown.


Oschners & Buck



1942 Buck, Fred



Eliza, Walter and
entire growing family


Family Reunion


Cattibrie Riggle,

Millers & Hendersons


Mary, Keva's Family
Keva Joens is Mary's


Keva's beautiful
art, for Casey's



Zane Joens wins!

Delbert Miller and
Hendersons from
"History of the Prairie"

Janie, Mary
Buck's daughters.



Eva, left with extended family.

Marlene, Mary, Donna, Susie - Roy and Eunice Baker in Background

Keva and Adam Joens' son and Mary and Lee Briggs' grandson,  Zane


Sturgis sixth grade wins team titles
 (from the Meade County Times)


Sturgis sixth grade wins team titles

Sturgis brought home the sixth-grade boys and girls team championships from Friday’s Morgan McClelland Invitational cross country meet in Gillette, Wyo. This was the first time the Scooper sixth-graders have earned titles at this memorial meet.

The Scooper boys placed five runners in the top 10 and collected 24 points for top honors. Sheridan (Wyo.) placed second with 68 points.

Zane Joens earned runner-up honors for Sturgis; his 3,000-meter time was 12 minutes, 35.38 seconds. Jacob Simmons (fourth in 12:55.11), Caleb Karrels (sixth in 13:06.92), Matt Takahashi (ninth in 13:25.17), and Jason Schneider (10th in 13:25.58) also earned top-10 status.

Photo:  Jacob, Matt, Jason, Zane, Caleb

Submitted by Maggie Laurenz



Joens Photo




USS Dennis

USS Fogg


Delbert Miller

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USS Dennis
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USS Fogg


Delbert W. Miller


 USS Fogg Di Milla  Photos  

DE-405, Cafferty Scrapbook



Baguio POW Camp, Philippines

Omori POW Camp

USS Fogg Honor Roll


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