Rolland and Hazel Potter



Adella Martschinske, Hazel's daughter, has kindly sent pictures and old letters from their family collection. 


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Hazel, Eliza Tolvstad Miller,
Casey  in 1910



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Hazel, Verna,
Inez and Eunice

Hazel, Inez, Donald,
 Verna and Delbert


Dorothy Smith
and Hazel Miller

Hazel, Donald and
Verna Miller

Eunice and Hazel Miller
with Dorothy Smith



Hazel, Verna,
Inez and Eunice



Hazel Miller at
her school.





1931- Hazel, Verna, Eunice and Inez


Hazel Miller Potter



Hazel, Inez and
Grandma Eliza Miller


Left:  Ludwig (1876) and Louise (1882) Tolvstad
Right:    Not Identified at this Time
(Doug Miller Pics)

Annie, Louise and
Eliza Tolvstad
as girls

Nels and Antionette
Sveen  Tolvstad
Wedding pic

Tolvstad and
Kittlesland Boys

Tolstoy Women,
Aunt Gertie
and Aunt Annie,
Uncle Martin, Ella


Walter C. Miller SR,
wife, Eliza Tolvstad Miller

Verna and Inez Miller

Tolstoy, Christian and
Annie Nelson

Tolvstad Place
near Rondell, SD

Martha and Ludwig
Tolvstad, Eliza's siblings.

W.C.Miller, Sr. as
a young man.

Minerva Miller,
Walter C Sr's
sister, who died.

Walter and Eliza
wedding picture.


W.C. Miller Sr

Inez and doll

Inez as a girl.


Eliza at the house
in Verdon, SD
where she grew up.

Inez and Buck


Eunice, Fred and
Cully, sitting


Eliza, Walter and
entire growing family

Walt, Eliza and
Hazel, baby.

Walter Clark
Miller Sr
and Eliza Tolvstad
Miller, 1944

Cully and Casey's families,
with Eliza and Walter.

Eliza, Daughters
and Granddaughters.

Donald Miller

Aunt Martha,
Lois and Bo?

Aunt Martha
and Lois

Aunt Annie
Bernadette Tolvstad

Walter and Iny

Art and Verna
Fl ick


Cully and Fred and
"their"  car.


Eunice and Roy

Eunice and Roy

Donald and Florence
with Donna, Doug
and Marvin

Casey and Gen Miller,
Marlene, Ann
and Karen

Buck, Eva with Sally,
Sue, Mary and Janie

Walter and Iny
Nancy, Bob, Bill
and Lynda.

Lots of Miller
at Dupree.

Potter Family,
kids young


Mary , Shirley
Baker,  Dawn
  Front:  Willard and
Bruce Potter

Lynda Boettcher

Lots of Miller

Inez and three
youngest children

Walter Sr. with
Inez and Casey


Millers & Potters

Ginny, Adella, Marlene
and Lorna, little cousins.

Dawn and Mary, back;
Ginny and Lorna, front.

Ginny, Art and Verna,
Lorna and Dawn

WC & Eliza's
Family grown.

Uncle Fred Miller


Eliza, Iny and WC Sr.

Walter & Eliza



Rolland Potter, Art Fli ck
Casey Miller and W.C. Miller Sr.
  Front:  Bruce, Willard Potter
and Lyle Baker

Eliza with kids,
inlaws and grandkids

Adella, Willard and
Bruce Potter

"Potter" younger

Ginny, Dawn, Lewie,
Lorna and
Adella,  Cousins

Walt and Iny Boettcher,
Art Fli ck, Eunice Baker,
Roy Baker and Verna Fli ck

Adella, Shirley,
Bruce, Willard, cousins

Adella, Bruce and
Willard Potter

Extended Potter

The growing
Potter family.

Seven Miller
Aunts and Uncles

Walter and Eliza

Eliza at home
with Fred.  1950

Lynda Boettcher

"Miller" cousins...

Eliza and Walter with
6 grown kids.  Fred, Iny,
Donald, Cully, Casey
and Verna.

Adella  and
cousin Janie

Marion and Willard
cousin Maggie

Adella, background
Doug, Denise and Iny


Adella and Alford with two
of their three children.

Bruce Potter Obit

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Adella Potter Martschinske
(Click for Obit)




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 Samantha's children all died, 
except Walter Clark Miller,
 our grandfather, upper right.  




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Fred Nelson Miller
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