2018 Family Reunion
(Picture with identifications, below)

Chad Miller Photo and Identifications

1. Robert Miller (my dad’s brother).
2. Cindy (Spaulding) Miller (my aunt, Robert’s wife).
3. Chad Miller
4. Nancy (Brown) Miller (my wife).
5. Sean Miller (my cousin, son of Bob and Cindy)
6. Paige Miller (daughter of Sean)
7. Ryan House (son of Robyn (Miller) and Emmett House)
8. Emmett House (Robyn’s husband)
9. Emma Miller (Sean’s daughter).
10. James Miller (my dad)
11. Kipper Gingrich Sr. (my sister Rebecca’s husband).
12. Kipper Gingrich Jr. (son of Rebecca (Miller) and Kip Gingrich).
13. Jarrett Herzog (son of my step sister, Jennifer (Gerlach) and her husband, Jeremy Herzog).
14. Jeremy Herzog (married to my step sister Jennifer).
15. Jennifer (Gerloch) Herzog (my step sister).
16. Sienna (daughter of my sister, Rebecca (Miller) and Kip Gingrich).
17. Lilly Gingrich (same as above)
18. Abigail Miller (my daughter)
19. Norine (Gerlach) Miller (my father, James Miller’s wife)
20. Evan House (son of my cousin, Robyn (Miller) and Emmett House).
21. Aiden (same as above).
22. Robyn (Miller) House
23. Rebecca (Miller) Gingrich (my sister, daughter of James Miller and Ethel (Cooper) Miller)
24. Natalie Herzog (my step sister, Jennifer’s daughter).
25. Garrett Miller (my cousin, Sean Miller’s son).


Lineage to Pictures Below

Chad and his father, Jim Miller,  repairing old Miller Grave Markers
at Stanbro Cemetery in Ostelic, New York 


2018 Rebecca (Miller) Gingrich and her father, Jim Miller.


Lineage to picture below

LEFT:  Marsha Miller  and friend
MIDDLE:  Michael Miller and wife Elizabeth 
RIGHT:  Richard Miller and wife Rita.













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