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Fowler High School Graduates and News
(things found on internet and in the newspaper)

Folks who would never live anywhere but Fowler declare it's like living in an old Andy Hardy movie. Is there any place in Colorado with more smiles per capita...  (old Denver Post article)

By Andrea Flores for the Fowler Tribune

Posted Oct. 4, 2013

Fowler, Colorado —

Ten ladies who worked as telephone operators back in the 1940s met at the Bunkhouse for a Telephone Operators Reunions of sorts.

Back in the 1940s when you dialed a phone number you would hear one of their voices say, “Number please.” They would connect your call manually through a switchboard.

“Oh, the stories we could tell,” they joked while reminiscing. But they didn’t dare for fear of losing their jobs.

“We knew some stuff that could get a lot of people in hot water back then,” said Burna Dean Stamps.

Stamps worked for the telephone company from November of 1947 until her retirement in 1992.

The telephone company was a big source of employment for many women from the community of Fowler, with pay ranging from 60 cents to 75 cents per hour.

Some worked the night shift from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. while others worked part-time or after school.

Dorothy Baker worked as an operator in 1943, during her sophomore year in high school for 60 cents per hour.

“I worked after school until 10 p.m.,” Baker said.

“We would call Herb Green every morning to wake him up so he wouldn’t be late for work, that’s how he and Anna Jean met,” said Baker. Anna Jean worked there for five years.

They giggled and laughed remembering times when they would accidentally fall asleep and wake up to a switchboard that was lit up with incoming calls.

“When people were going to be away from home they would ask us to transfer their calls to so and so’s house,” Baker said.

They fondly remembered Barney Kitchen. He would come in the office to use the phone to call long distance but he always brought them chocolates and left them a tip.

“I remember when Gene Autry and Harry Knight bought the Flying A Ranch, the telephone line was on a fence post,” Baker said.

But in September of 1963 things changed for the operators, modern technology stepped in and Fowler went to dial service, which meant a lot of changes.

People had their own telephone numbers, which meant downsizing with operators.

The women were faced with changes, either stay with the company and commute or transfer or take a severance package.

Several chose to take the severance package and stay home to start their families, while a few, Louise Fosdick, Jane Gray, Burna Dean Stamps and Norma Jean Blodgett chose to commute to Pueblo and continue to work for the company then known as Mountain Bell.

I asked how many of them had cellphones. Several raised their hands but most admitted to not using them on a regular basis, only for emergencies.

“The last time we were all together was for the funeral of our co-worker Kathryn Cross. We decided to gather for lunch just because and not just for funerals,” Stamps said.

Those in attendance and their years of service to the telephone company were: Burna Dean Stamps, 45 years; Louise Fosdick, 43 years; Jane Gray, 25 years; Jean Petrie, 15 years; Freda Jones, 12 years; Norma Jean Blodgett, eight years; Marybeth McCuistion seven years and Dorothy Baker, Anna Jean Green and Polly Jensen each with five years.

Those were the days. Ladies, thanks for sharing your memories and keeping your secrets!

From The Fowler Tribune

Click:  John Ashurst Bio


October 2010, Jim and Melverta (Fellhauer) Bauer,
Don and Ann Dennis, Loveland, CO

Left, clockwise:  Claudia Poage, Ann Dennis, John Denning,
Dale Poage and Don Dennis.     May 2010

                                                                                         J. Gilley Photo
Jane (Deeds) (61) and Gary Stubbs (60),
Karen (Deeds) (64) and James Gilley (62)


Mirror given to 1957 Graduates, FHS.


(a dennis photos)
10-08 Veree Pickerel (60), Don Dennis (57),
Richard Pickerel (58),
identifying old school pictures.

And did the pictures bring up fun stories!

Sandy Tillotson Koehler (58) and Don Dennis (57) 
October 2008, Denver

back:Louise Fosdick, Judy Nichols, Ann and Don Dennis
front:  Jerry Nichols and Richard Pickerel
October 2009, Pickerels House




10-08 Ann and Don (57) Dennis,
Betty (52) and Gerald (47)Jensen
Front:  Gracie Eddy  ...  


Richard and Veree Pickerel  2009








Jack Stauder (57), Don Dennis (57),
Kathy Stauder (60) Stahmann Feb. 2007

Jack in Corsica, 2009

Claudia Poage, Don Dennis (57), Dale Poage (58),
Algodones, MX      November 2009

Richard Pickerel, Dale Poage, Don Dennis, Paul Weiland, Mini Reunion
at Don's house, standing on the bridge Richard built!   March 2010


Paul Weiland's ('57) prize winning garden in Henderson, KY, 2009


Paul and Teena Weiland, 2006



Fowler Tribune

By Elaine White    December 17, 2009   The Fowler Tribune
During the Monday meeting of the Fowler Progress Club, members presented a representative from Arkansas Valley Women's Resource Center, Cindy Arnett, (center) with items collected during their November drive. Pictured left to right, Louise Steger, Nora Clifton, Ruby Moreland, Barbaralu Smith, Arnett, Elsie Filmore, Loriene Dunbar, and Charlene Downey.      
With Permission:   Original content available for non-commercial use
under a Creative Commons license.




Lloyd Adair

back: Doug Baker, Gary Earl, Frank Hancock,
Don Dennis, Lewis Hutchinson, Gary Graham.
middle: Richard Pickerel, Gary Dexter, Lloyd Adair.
front:  Leland Larrew     

A recent letter from Lloyd Adair, (who attended Fowler Schools with the class of 1957 until after 7th grade when he moved to Kansas), gave us a rundown of his interesting life.  

Lloyd when to 8th grade at Horace, KS and high school in Tribune, KS, graduating in May 1957. 

1957 May - Lloyd left Horace, KS for Fowler, CO, to stay with his uncle, Bud Sharp. He worked for a river jetty company before taking a job with Wonder Bread.  His uncle owned Bud's Drive-In, where some of the girls from the class of 1957 were working at the time he returned to Fowler.
1958 May - Lloyd moved to Oakley, KS and worked on a farm for the son of his mother's friend. He met his wife-to-be, Helen, at breakfast the first morning there.
1959 January - They were married.
1959 September - They moved to Pueblo, CO where Lloyd went back to work for Wonder Bread.  Reggie Phillips, (his father owned the Fowler Bakery until he sold it to Wonder Bread, moved to Pueblo and worked in the bakery),  was a salesman for Wonder Bread.  He asked Lloyd if he would unload sacks of flour at the bakery during a strike.  When the strike was over they asked five workers to stay and they did.  James McAndrews from Fowler worked for Wonder Bread until he passed away in 1960.    
1961 August - Lloyd was drafted into the army, so quickly enlisted for three years in Milwaukee, WI.   His wife Helen was pregnant, but everyone had to serve their military stint.   He took Basic Training at Ft. Carson, CO.
1962 March - Their daughter was born.
The army sent him to engineering school in Virginia, then he spent the rest of his three years in Milwaukee, WI.
1964 August - He was discharged a Specialist 5th. They moved to Denver where he went back to work for Wonder Bread, but they didn't want to raise their daughter in Denver.
1964 October - They moved to Oakley, KS where he was supposed to work for the City of Oakley. When that job fell through he worked in construction.

In May 1965 Lloyd went to work for the Kansas-Nebraska Natural Gas Co, and worked for them for 29.5 years, moving wherever the job took them.

1966 December - a son was born.
1967 March - moved to Dighton, KS, first manager job.
1969 July - moved to Shelton NE, second son born April 1971.
1971 September - moved to Arvada, CO.
1976 January - moved to Broken Bow, NE. Ran into Lee and Betty (Higby) Heflebower - their sons became good friends.
1981 September - moved to Rawlins, WY.
1983 October - moved to Holyoke, CO.
1991 October - moved to Sutton, NE.
1993 December - Lloyd retired from the natural gas company and they moved to Kearney, NE.

2000 March and May - Lloyd had stents put in and in
2004 February he had a triple heart by-pass.

2008 August - moved to Grand Island, NE where they presently reside. Lloyd and Helen have 7 grandkids (ages 5-24) and 2 great-grandkids (1 and 2 years old).

(published with permission)


click for Fowler School Pictures  - Lloyd Adair has sent some wonderful pictures of Fowler School Days.



From the Fowler Tribune 1989





ROCKY FORD - Marion and Lois Pennington will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary from 1 to 4 p.m. June 11 with an open house at the La Junta Senior Center. They were married June 21, 1956, in Fowler.

Their children are Philip Pennington, Sherry Shearer, Gregory Pennington and Loretta Millemon. They have 10 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

The Penningtons lived in Buena Vista and Salida for many years before retiring and returning to the Rocky Ford area.




Courtesy of the Florence Citizen.....  Veree Pickerel, FHS 1960






 Sandra   1958

Sandra Tillotson Koehler         


By MATT NESLAND                                                                                                                                                                             
The Pueblo Chieftain

FOWLER - 2000 -

The Fowler Historical Museum featured the impressive iron collection of Chuck and Sandra Koehler, who now live in Westminster. Mrs. Koehler was born in Rocky Ford but raised in Fowler.

The Koehlers brought several different types of irons - electrical, early liquid fuel and "sad" irons. Sads are named for their density. They are one-piece irons, the ones everybody's grandmother had, Mrs. Koehler said. Sad irons can be large or small. She said a sad iron smaller than 4 inches typically was a child's iron.

The Koehlers have collected irons for about 25 years, including one from 1866, about the time President Abraham Lincoln was in office. They have hundreds of them.

Uses for some of her old irons included sleeves, pants, and one that curled the brims of Brown Derby hats. Her oldest irons date back to 1830, 1845, and 1873.

The Koehlers also have irons from other countries such as Canada and China. Most, though, are from the United States.

"That's by choice," Mrs. Koehler said. "We just prefer the U.S. ones."

The irons will be on display at the Fowler Museum until March. The museum is located at 114 N. Main.

Sandy 2008



Jim Markham


Jim Markham
Location and Stock Photography
San Antonio, TX                                                                      Jim Markham

Graduate University of Syracuse Photojournalism Program.

Chief Photographers Mate U.S. Navy Retired.

Combat Photographer - Vietnam, three tours of duty.

Photojournalist Navy Office of Information Washington DC.

Freelance Location and Stock Photographer.

Member American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP).

Located midway between Dallas, Texas and the U.S. Mexico Border, we are well positioned to cover the South and Southwestern United States and Mexico. Our fifth-wheel Travel Trailer allows us to reach isolated locations quickly and conveniently. Availability for assignment is not limited to that area, I am available for assignment anywhere in the world.

Assignments have included: Political, Disaster, Environmental, Advertising, Corporate, Industrial, destination places and editorial illustration Photography.

Clients include: Newsweek, Time, U.S. News and World Report, Woman's World, Encyclopedia Britannica, and Scott Foreman Publishing.

We maintain a Stock file.

(Webmaster:   Jim kindly furnished the pictures of the Fowler High School Reunions for this site.)




On the road to Pueblo

A Christmas blessing fell off the truck



Melverta 1957

The year was 1948 and Christmas was drawing near. It was a difficult time for my family and had been so for two months. My mother had become ill in October and had to be hospitalized. She was pregnant with her fourth child and due to her illness my baby brother was born prematurely and survived only a few hours.

Because of complications and pneumonia, for some time her life had been in jeopardy. The weeks of hospitalization stretched into a month and Thanksgiving came and went and our mom was still in the hospital, although she was slowly improving.

Pueblo was 30 miles from Fowler and on Sundays, Dad would take my brother Dean, who was 6 years old and myself, who was 9, with him to visit Mom. My youngest brother Grant was just 1 year old and he would stay with our grandparents.

However, we never saw our mother. In those years, children were never allowed to visit patients, not even a parent. We always waited in the hospital lobby for Dad to come and tell us how Mom was doing.

One Sunday while on our way to visit Mom, our Dad explained to my brother and me that we would not have a Christmas tree. There simply was no money for one. We would be fortunate if we could just have our mother home with us on Christmas.

We were traveling west on U.S. 50 and had rounded the curve, just past where Lee's Cafe was, when we met a truck piled high with Christmas trees. My brother saw a tree fly off the truck, and we all saw it lying in the middle of the highway. The driver of the truck didn't slow down at all, apparently unaware of his loss.

My dad stopped and picked up the tree, placed it in the back of our pickup and we continued on to Pueblo so he could visit our Mom.

When we got home that evening, after chores, we decorated that little tree. We were so happy to have a tree! It was a gift.

On Christmas Eve, we got the best Christmas gift of our young lives: Our mother came home. We were truly blessed.

My parents, Harvey and Edith Fellhauer, passed from this earth in 1984 and 1982 respectively, and I am certain they remembered this Christmas always.

The Pueblo Chieftain & Star Journal

Tuesday December 25, 2001



     Pete Earley (FHS 69)
(Fowler ..Christian Church Pastor's Family)


  Midway across Ohio, the man beside me on the DC10 asked where I was going. "Fowler, Colorado. A little town of about a thousand people near Pueblo." "Why would anyone go to Foouuller?" he asked, grinning as he exaggerated the name. "A death. My sister." "Sorry," he mumbled and turned away. I was relieved. I didn't have to explain....   

Pete Earley's eulogy to his father - beautiful!




In Fowler???!!!   From the Tribune....




  L_onie Buchner, 1958

Have you ever thought about what to do with all your scrap gold? Do you have single earrings laying around because you lost the other one, or broken chains that you never wear anymore? Do not throw them away. Take your broken, unloved, or just plain unwanted gold to Gold Pros in the Sarasota Square Mall. Owned by Nancy and L_onie Buchner, it is a family run company with all the correct licensing and they pay top dollar for your gold!

Gold Pros Sarasota Square is located at the Sarasota Square Mall, 8201 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34238. The phone number there if you have any questions is 941-400-1250. They are open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, and Sundays from 12:00 pm to 5:30 pm. Visit for other locations and store hours.

Lonie and Nancy have lived in Osprey, Florida since 1987. 

We are so sorry to hear Nancy passed away in Nov 2012.

Click for Obituary




Jake and Sheila Norton
Fowler 1958 and 1960

Jake & Sheila Norton
Jake Norton Realty & Auctions
205 Main St.
Fowler, CO 81039

Click card for their website.



Favorite Fowler Radio Station
KOMA in Oklahoma City
Click to read its History.


Marvin announces retirement

FHS 50

Fowler Tribune
Fowler, Colo. -

Doyle Marvin, President of Fowler State Bank has announced his plans to retire as an officer of the bank after nearly 42 years of service to the institution.  Marvin, a Fowler native, began his career at the bank on June 7, 1967 as the Assistant Cashier.  He quickly advanced to the position of Vice-President and Cashier.  Following the death of Joseph M. Fox in 1992, he assumed the position as President which he has held until the present.

According to board chairman and CEO, Jonathan Fox, even though Marvin is retiring as an active officer, he will continue his service to the bank by remaining on the Board of Directors and will be making periodic field visits to clients as well as conducting livestock inspections.

"Doyle will be greatly missed by all of us at the bank on a daily basis, as well as by the customers alike.  We are very pleased that he is remaining on the Board of Directors so we will still get to visit with him often.  We thank him so much for these many years of dedicated service," comments Fox.

An open-house barbeque luncheon in honor of the Marvin's will be held Jan. 21, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the bank. This will be open to the public giving his many clients, friends and fellow staff members a chance to wish him well on his retirement plans. A grandfather clock will be presented to him at his house as a gift of thanks for many years of fine service to Fowler State Bank. Marvin and his wife of 52 years, Evelyn, hope to take the opportunity to travel.

Marvin says of his time at the bank, "It's been a complete family operation including my immediate family and the bank family." He laughingly adds, "My wife and two sons probably had to endure my frustrations at times when I brought my work home with me." Marvin added,"I thank my many customers and friends for a very enjoyable association over these past many years."

The annual meeting of the bank was held recently with the same slate of board members being re-elected for 2009. They are as follows: Jonathan R. Fox, Chairman; Lynette Belkin, Vice-Chairman, Doyle Marvin and Scott D. Jensen. The officers of the bank for the ensuing year will be: Jonathan R. Fox, President & CEO; Scott D. Jensen, Executive Vice-President and Mary M. Harris, Vice-President & Cashier.  Employees are: Loretta Sharon, Administrative Assistant;  Carol Reeves, Head Teller; Nancy Jensen, Head Bookkeeper; Tellers, Betty Smith, Suzanne Worden;  Bookkeeper, Lequita Baylor; Part-time staff, Cathy Olsen, Miriam Barton, Keith Lance, Jeanne Bates, Jenna Ballard and Wilma Gager with Olivama and Jess Lopez, Custodians. 

Fowler State Bank is beginning its 110th year of business. Marvin indicated he has seen a vast number of changes to banking over his nearly 42 years in the industry, particularly in technological advancements. He noted how proud he is of the fact that at Fowler State Bank, it has always been a goal to have everyone be a name and not a number. "Personal service and attention has been Fowler State Bank's pride and will continue to be," he states.

With Permission under a Creative Commons license


Quinten Swope, Principal, excuses to have Don Dennis and Paul Weiland...
and Don and Leonard Harmon excused from class.




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