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Top Row:  Jearl B. Nunnlee, Superintendent;  Quinten L. Swope, Principal;  William Tuttle, Roberta Stahly, Marcial Maestas, Nancy Barnard, James Trujillo, Jane Deeds, Joe Trujillo. 

Row 2:  Edward Beruman, Mike Buchner, Carol Eddy, Janice Wood, Andrew Aragon, Tom Poage. 

Row 3:  Alvin True, Sue Poage, George Allen, Linda Fedde, Charles Watson, John Ingram, Billee Grooms, Tom Harriman.  

Row 4:  Marlene Hanson, Edwin Stamps, Patsy Doolin, James Ingram, Irene Ramirez, Dean Chaney, Mary Jean Hazlett, Dale Adams, Myrna Kesterson, Henry Maestas. 

Bottom Row:  David Moffitt, Susan Rothganger, Edward Davis, Jerolyn Dexter, James Dillingham, Eleanor Shaffer, Spencer Olsen, Jane Carroll, Bob Hazlett, Sandra Shelton.


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Fowler High School
Fowler Tribune



Back: Dale Adams,  Dean Chaney,  Mike Buchner,  Ed Davis

Middle: Janice Wood,  Mary Jean Hazlett,  Linda Fedde

Front: Spencer Olsen

Front: Bill Kesterson,  Mike Buchner,  Dean Chaney,  Spencer Olsen,  James Dillingham,  Tom Harriman,  Dale Adams

Back: Betty Kesterson,  Patsy Doolin,  Nancy Barnard,  Marlene Hanson,  Janice Wood,  Mary Jean Hazlett,  Irene Rameriz,  Jane Deeds,  Billee Grooms






Ivan Dale Adams                       Robert Linden Hazlett

Regina Armijo                            Mary Jean Hazlett

Edward Manual Berumen         Margaret Joyce Howe

John Calvin Black                        James Ellsworth Ingram

Michael Merle Buchner            John Robert Ingram

Jack Gray Denny                         Spencer Floyd Olsen

Jerolyn Ann Dexter                    Irene Tomasa Ramirez

James Morgan Dillingham        Rachel Romero

Patricia Eileen Doolin                Susan Kay Rothganger

Carol Evadne Eddy                   Roberta Ann Stahly

Norma Jane Carroll                     Betty Lou Kesterson

Jewel Wyvonna Center             Myrna Dee Kesterson

Clifford Dean Chaney                William Sherman Kesterson

Robert Frank Christensen         Teresa Sinforosa Martinez

Verda Dee Daniels                      Erlina Mae Medina

Edward Raymond Davis            David Claire Moffitt


Joanne Marie Enderud             Edwin Jefferson Stamps

Linda Margaret Fedde             James William Stoner

Faith Ellen Graham                   Charles David Tatman

Billee Lucille Grooms               Alvin William True

Marlene Jo Hansen                  James Trujillo

Clark Thomas Harriman           Charles Harry Watson

                                                     Janice Maude Wood


(Jr Hi photos from Page 29, 1957 Fowler High Yearbook)




1956 Band Concert

1954 Christmas Concert

 Class of  1961 kids  playing with high school band when much younger students.



Fowler Tribune Clippings
1960-61 all classes news

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2008 Fowler HS Reunion


Class of 1961 Recent Photos

David and Maryke Moffitt and grandkids

After graduation David attended engineering school at Colorado State University, followed by graduate school.   He worked in New Mexico and Utah. David met his wife, Maryke, in Salt Lake City in 1972 and they were married just before Christmas that year. They have three grown children and almost six grandchildren. They have lived in Utah, California, Oregon, and now, since 1989,  are living in Texas.

Maryke taught school for 25 years, and David  worked over 42 years for the US Department of Agriculture (and other departments to which he was loaned, for work).   Both are officially retired (have to use the word semi-retired for David right now) and staying very busy. They love to travel and do so when the opportunity arises. One son and his family live near by and they babysit now and then for their three year old granddaughter (David is holding her in the picture above-she was six months old at the time of the picture).  Their oldest daughter lives near Delta, CO, and the youngest is living at home again having just completed her internship at a Dallas Hospital.




Another FHS..Farmington..
with some great music!


1961 Calendar








USS Dennis

USS Fogg 


Fowler Menu


Don's Army Service

Delbert Miller

POW  WWII  Ancestors   "It All Began"  
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