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(Koehler Photo)

(back) Gary Earl, Dale Poage, Kaloma Noble, Pat Sullivan, Don Bauman, Sandy Tillotson, Gil Martinez, Sally Rothganger, Jr. Emrick, John Turner.

(3rd) Laura Sullivan, Peg Barr, Jerry Nichols, Sharline Rowe, Joyce Watson, Allan Kouns, Secora Aragon, Bill Fedde, Glenn Hoover, Wayne Stamps, Patty Weigand, Louise Fosdick.

(2nd) Virginia Hite, Jake Norton, Larry Fellhauer, Edwin Stubbs, Lawrence Wright, Lelani "Loni" Heagy, Pat Kesterson.

(1st) Earl Black, Richard Pickerel, Jan Stauder, Chris Larsen, Karen Guthals, & Butch Tyler.

(Koehler Photo)

(Koehler Photo)
Sally Rothganger Grimlund (58) , Sharline Rowe Leslie (58) , Larry Fellhauer (58)

(Koehler Photo)

(Koehler Photo)
Bill Tatman (57), Don Bauman (58), Earl Black (58) and Edwin Stubbs(58)

(Koehler Photo)
Butch Tyler (58), Virginia Hite Owens, Allan Kouns (58), Bill Tatman (57),
Pat Sullivan Tatman (58), Sally Rothganger Grimlund (58), Larry Fellhauer (58)

(Koehler Photo)
Gary Earl (58), Richard Pickerel (58), Judy and Jerry Nichols (58), Larry Fellhauer (58)

(Koehler Photo)
Patty Weigand (58) Loven, Jr. Emrick, Jan Stauder (58) Fennimore

(Koehler Photo)
Karen Guthals May (58) and Jake Norton (58)

(Koehler Photo)
Karen Guthals May (58), Paul (57) and Teena Weiland

(Koehler Photo)
Laura Sullivan (58) Whitney

(Koehler Photo)
Lawrence (58) and Shirley Wright

(Koehler Photo)
Lelani Heagy Condor (58), Sandra Tillotson (58)  Koehler,
Jr. Emrick (58), Edwin (58) and Ina Stubbs

(Koehler Photo)
Pat Huntley (58) Kesterson

(Koehler Photo)
Patty Weigand (58) Loven and Wayne Stamps (58)

(Koehler Photo)
Paul (57) and Teena Weiland

(Koehler Photo)
Sally Rothganger (58) Grimlund

(Koehler Photo)
Secora (58) and Delphie Aragon

(Koehler Photo)
Shirley Heckart (59) Kravig

(Koehler Photo)
Virginia Higgs (59) Sharon, Connie Harriman (59)

(Koehler Photo)
Wilma and Gary Gager (63)

(photo from Fran Metzner Vansyoc)
Steve Metzner (58), right, at the Missouri Day Art Exhibit. 
He is showing giclee prints of his photos on canvas. 
Steve is also a gifted tile artist. 

(Koehler Photo)
Lelani Heagy (58) Condor and her art.. attended Fowler Schools until 8th grade.

(Koehler Photo)

(Carol and Ray Fosdick Photo)

(Koehler Photo)
Larry Fellhauer, Sandy Tillotson Koehler, Karen Guthals May, Gary Earl, all '58

(Koehler Photo)
Jenny Garcia Minjarez (58), Peggy Barr Fankhauser (58),
Larry Fellhauer (58), Sandy Tillotson Koehler (58)

(Koehler Photo)

(Koehler Photo)

(Pickerel Photo)
Edwin Stubbs, Richard Pickerel, Glenn Hoover, all '58



(Dennis Photo)
Sandy (58) Tillotson Koehler and Don (57) and Ann Dennis, September 27, 2008

(Dennis Photo)
October 2008  Veree (60) and Richard (58) Pickerel and Don (57) Dennis, identifying people on
old Class Photos....... and did it bring up stories!

Don and Richard
(Dennis Photo)

(Dennis Photo)
Back:  Ann and Don (57) Dennis, Betty (52) (Coltrin) and Gerald (47) Jensen.
Front:  Gracie (Coltrin) Eddy - October 2008

Oct 2009 back:  Louise Fosdick (58), Veree Pickerel (60), Don Dennis (57)
front:  Jerry Nichols (58), Richard Pickerel (58)

Oct 2009 Don Dennis (57), Richard Pickerel (58), Jerry (58) and Judy Nichols, Ann Dennis

Oct 2009 Don (57) and Ann Dennis, Sandy Koehler (58)

November 2009 - Dale (58) and Claudia Poage,
Don Dennis (57) - Algodones, MX

March 2010 - Richard Pickerel (58), Dale Poage (58),
Don Dennis (57), Paul Weiland (57)  
Mini-Reunion at Don's house in California




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FHS 2010 Reunion






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