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Front row: Beverly (Larsen) Byrne, Pat (Damgaard) Rein, Millicent (Foss) Loehr, Mayme (Wood) Phillips, Rosalie (Trujillo) Trujillo, Rex Beach, Andy Martinez.

Second row:  Dr. Willis McCuistion, Nola (David) Warren, Dr. Dennis Weiland, Sallie (Fair) O'Neil, Donnie Marvin, Charlotte (Green) Gorsline, Beverly (Speek) Mills, Jacque Ann (Ewing) McMahan, Donald McAndrew, Meredith (Hall) Spears, Dr. Calvin Butler, Douglas Baker, Charles Hogue.                                                                       Photo by Curly Hawkins


Class of 1955 Reunion; 1995

By Charlotte (Green) Gorsline

"Cars have been polished, new clothes have been bought,
A cosmetics war against time has been fought.
And why this renewal of fervor and force?
Because of our high school reunion, of course!"

Clowns, balloons, confetti, masks, and streamers set the mood for the "Mardi Gras" theme at the fortyth reunion for the class of 1955. On Friday night, July 26, 20 classmates, husbands, wives and special guests met at the El Capitan in Rocky Ford for prime rib dinner, a slide show and reminiscent stories.

Charles Hogue, master of ceremonies, began the evening with a taped presentation of sounds from the 50's and a true radio broadcaster's welcome. He introduced and welcomed the special guests and former teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Talley and Mrs. and Mrs. Jack Meakins.

"Who really cares if there's grey here and there
Why, some of you'd shout if you just had hair".

Charlotte (Green) Gorsline also greeted her former classmates, poetically speaking. The invocation was offered by Willis McCuistion. Following dinner Dennis Weiland presented a slide show of classmates, places and events of the past bringing a flood of pleasant and sometimes rather embarrassing memories to the group. Roll call followed with class members relating stories from their school days.

"You haven't changed a bit is really quite a joke
Cause after 30 years we're middle-aged folk."

The unique and colorful decorations prepared by Beverly (Larsen) Byrne were awarded as prizes to Willis McCuistion, Meredith (Hall) Spears and Andy Martinex for coming the farthest, having the newest grandchild, and attending a reunion for the first time. A prize was also awarded to Boyd Hammond, whose name was drawn from those unable to attend.

"You'll say to yourself, I'm glad I came
And soon you'll discover that we're really just the same."

Saturday morning found the class of 55 riding in the parade throwing candy and confetti. A catered dinner at the home of Pat (Damgaard) Rein was another highlight of the two-day celebration.

Those attending were:

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Baker, Denver CO

Mr. and Mrs. Rex Beach, Pueblo, CO

Dr. and Mrs. Calvin Butler, Buhl, ID

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin (Pat Damgaard) Rein, Fowler, CO

Nola (Davis) Warren, Fowler, CO

Dick Eddy, Albuquerque, NM

Jacque Ann (Ewing) McMahan, Fowler, CO

Sallie (Fair) O'Neil and daughters, Pasadena, TX

Mr. and Mrs. Klaus (Millicent Foss) Loehr, Colorado Springs, CO

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Graham, Longmont, CO

Mr. and Mrs. Delbert (Charlotte Green) Gorsline, Greeley, CO

Meredith (Hall) Spears, Fort Madison, IA

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hogue, Winner, SD

Mr. and Mrs. Martin (Beverly Larsen) Byrne, Denver, CO

Mr. and Mrs. Andy Martinez, Moraga, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Marvin, McCook, NE

Mr. and Mrs. Donald McAndrew, Vista, CA

Dr. and Mrs. Willis McCuistion, Corvallis, OR

Gladys Sharon and Lloyd Laughlin, Pueblo, CO

Beverly (Speek) Mills, Pueblo, CO

Mr. and Mrs. John (Rosaline Trujillo) Trujillo, Avon, CO

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Weiland and son, Scottsdale, AZ

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry (Mayme Wood) Phillips, Fowler, CO

and teachers, Mrs. and Mrs. Richard Talley and

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Meakins.


Chuck Hogue (1955) Family

Class of '55 as 8th graders
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The class of 1956 celebrated their reunion during Missouri Day this past July. The class met at Cottonwood Links Golf Course. Those in attendance were back row (left to right): Margrete (Nielson) Cymanski, Ron Pearson, Aline (Patton) Oswald, Barbara (Lanier) Jordon, Pete Vulgamore, Neil Sullivan, Don Phythian, Betty (Higby) Heflebower and Mike Phelps.

Middle row: Doris Ann (Scarbrough) Pearson, Betty (Spear) Grasmick, Ruby (Shierrey) Gill, Freda (Pfieff) Spurlock, Ella (Moffit) Beach, Helen (Munson) Thomas, Beverly (Phythian) Brady, Carolyn (Cope) Weger, Marian (Fellhauer) Whitehead, Norma J. (Chaney) Smith, Mary Lou (Nelson) Stevens, Sam Fosdick, Art Allen.

Front row: Wilma (Ross) Pfieff, Geri (Keeling) Sweeney, Vernon Stevens, Gloria Martinez, Fran (Metzner) Van Syoc, Shirley (Taylor) Thayer, Jan (Buck) Fuller.

Fowler Tribune Clippings

Class of 56 as 7th graders
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Front row, from left; Chris Larsen, Quinien Swope, Ermon Tyler, Laura Sullivan Neyman, Grace Coltrin, Glcnn Hoover, Jerry Nichols, Dale Poage.

Center: Richard Pickerel, Peggy Barr Fankhouser. Karen Guthals May, Sharlene Rowe Leslie, Virgie Hite Owens, Jennie Garcia Minjarez, Pat Sullivan Tatman, Sandra Tillotson Koehler, Joane Dillingham Dowell, Patsy Huntley Kesterson.

Back: Jake Norton, Wayne Stamps, Larry Fellhauer, Sally Rothganger Grimlund, Bill Fedde, Allan Kouns and Earl Black.



In a beautiful evening setting, next to a field of waving corn, the Fowler High School Class of 1958 celebrated its 35th anniversary class reunion on July 16, 1993. Twenty three members of the original graduating class of 39, plus spouses and special guests, gathered at the farm home of Tony Fosdick for a Western BBQ and an evening of sharing memories.

As the class gathered, the aroma of the pig and beef being barbecued by Paul Bersagel whetted appetites. Adding to the Western theme, everyone was given a straw cowboy hat and sheriff's badges for name tags.

A Western menu of chips and salsa, vegetables with dip, BBQ beef and pork, baked beans, rolls, fried squash and cole slaw was prepared by the reunion committee of Karen May, Sharlene Leslie, Louise Fosdick and Sandra Koehler with the help of Clara Fosdick and Ruth Fellhauer.

As guests sat on the lawn and ate Dove ice cream bars, the program began with Dale Poage as emcee. A class profile book with all class member biographies and letters from former teachers, prepared by Karen May, was given to each classmate. Special greetings and thank yous were given to two teachers who celebrated with us: Mrs. Grace Coltrin (4th grade) and Mr. Quinten Swope (high school Principal).

Awards were given to Dr. Bill Fedde for coming the longest distance from Oakland, MD, and to Butch Tyler with the most grandchildren (7). It was a close 3-way race for the class member who had lost the most hair, but Chris Larsen won over Wayne Stamps and Glenn Hoover. A special recognition was given to Louise Fosdick, a class member and reunion organizer, who was not able to attend because of serious injuries from a car accident on her way to Fowler.

As daylight waned, classmates and teachers shared memories and lots of laughs of school years together. Outstanding among them were memories of wild, fast noon hour rides to the lunchroom at Park School, fast drives over the Oxford ditch bridge west of town, new class members joining us from No. 6 and Prairie View schools, state championship games in football and basketball, and many others. One member thought it ironic that 36 years ago the girls of the class reversed the majority vote by the boys on a Western theme for Jr. Sr. Prom and now they had planned a reunion with a Western theme.

Class members continued to share memories as they gathered the next morning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. PeeWee Jones for a continental breakfast before boarding a trailer to ride in the Missouri Day parade.

Class members and guests included: Karen (Guthals) and Wayne May, Sharlene (Rowe) and Ron Leslie, and Sandra (Tillotson) Koehler from Denver, CO; Dale and Claudia Poage, Yuma, AZ; Joanne (Dillingham) and Joe Dowell, Rocky Ford, CO; Dr. Bill and Bonnie Fedde, Oakland, MD; Edwin Earl and Beverly Black, Aurora, IL; Chris and Joyce Larsen, Fayetteville, AR; Sally (Rothganger) and Gary Grimlund, Jennie (Garcia) Minjarez, Allan Kouns, Virginia (Hite) Owens, and Jake and Sheila Norton from Fowler; Dr. Larry and Sharon Fellhauer, Wichita Falls, TX; Peggy (Barr) and Ray Fankhouser, Springfield, CO; Richard and Veree Pickerel, DeSoto, TX; Ermon (Butch) and Freda Tyler, Calhan, CO; Wayne and Betty Stamps, Pueblo, CO; Laura (Sullivan) Neyman and Richard Whitney, Hudson, CO; Patsy (Huntley) Kesterson, La Junta, CO; Patricia (Sullivan) and Bill Tatman, Manzanola, CO; Jerry and Judy Nichols, Castle Rock, CO; and Glenn Hoover, Tigard, OR.   Secora (Aragon) Aragon joined several other class members for coffee the morning of the reunion. A reunion in 1998 will be planned.

Class of 1958 Fowler High School





Front, left to right: Rick Sharon, Freda (Gaddis) Tyler, Janis (Kraus) Grimes, Janet (Sartor) Valentine, Connie (Harriman) Cook, Velma (Daniels) Hart, Sandy (Teilborg) Webb.

Second row: Esther (Shaffstall) Kienitz, Barbara (DeMerritt) Fitz, Shirley (Heckart) Kravig, Virginia (Higgs) Sharon, Ruth (Fosdick) Fellhauer, Sue (Cope) Deifenbach, Bob Harris.

Third row: Arlen Eddy, John Bouldin, Gene Hart, Frank Wood, John Nesselhuf.

Back row: Tom Smith, John Dillingham, Jim Barnard, Jerry Sullivan, Garold Eichelberger.




Class of 1961 Fowler High School Reunions
and misc pictures
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 1961 FHS News Page 1


As We See Them
from the Grizzly Growls

Some F. H. S. students are easily
recognized by a hint of their

Laughing boy—Art Allen.

Quietest girl - Margie Bonds.

Least likely chemist—Janet Buck.

Best dancer— Donald Miner.

Pepper-pot - Elizabeth Curtis.

Scientific brain — Don McAndrew.

The bee hive — Journalism room.

Scene of tragedy—Mr. Gates' room.

Money bags—Athletic Department.

Most studious boy—Clyde Butler.

Quietest in library—Geraldine Keeling.

Shortest hair — Sharlene Rowe.

Best driver—Charles Hogue.

Best behaved—Senior boys.

Best typists—First period typing class.

Happiest occasion —Nine weeks tests.

Game in FHS Gym

Fowlerado Cafe 

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Valley Theater

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1928_ FHS Pictures and pages of autographs, by the relatives of the classes above.  Many familiar names; old pictures, clippings and notes from them.


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John Ashurst, Alvin Baker, Jerry Baker, Linda Barnard Smoski, Marjorie Bonds Henderson, Alice Mae Bouldin Olshefskie, Donald Dennis, Gary Dexter, Yolanda Edens Billups, Darrell Fedde, Melverta Fellhauer Bauer, Leonard Harmon, Betty Hart Ritter, Sonya Henrie Russman, James Hoover, Donna Larrew Hahn, Maxine McCuistion Adcock, Donna Kay Speek Youngblood, Sideny Stamps, Bill Tatman, Bob Vaughn, Mary Jane Waddle Maddux, Jo Ann Weiland Palmer, Paul Weiland, James Markham Class of 1957, Fowler Colo


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