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(pic 500)

Brother Jerry around '82 or '83. If ever a picture personified and typified someone, then this picture does that to him.

This was at their place along the Cheyenne River by Red Shirt and on the edge of the Badlands. He was in his element here, breaking horses and living somewhat removed from civilization. A real genuine Old West cowboy! 

This was also the scene of the infamous smashed toads for catfish bait scenario.

(pic 505)

(pic 510)
1985? #1 son Jeff training
during his boxing career.

(pic 512)

Brother Bob and I all dressed up for Clark's first wedding.  Dec 1985.  That was Bob's Mac Davis look era. Yikes, I was only 41 there so Bob must have been 46. From the Tracy Lawrence  song, "Time marches on, time marches on".

(pic 520)

Me, Faith Isom and Cousin Dale pickin' and a grinnin'!  Well it looks like more pickin' than grinnin' but you get the picture. '87

(pic 525)
PJ and kids Wind River Canyon Wyoming.

(pic 530)
Shelley, Kathy, Clint, Jean and Shane,
with SLEEVES no less. 1988

(pic 535)
Jeff, Brian, Mom and me.
My last wedding 1994.

(PIC 542)

#1 son Jeff and I at my last wedding. June, 1994.
Remember the sack of oysters Brother Bob brought up from Oregon? Everyone was raving about them as we cooked them on a grill until they opened and then put garlic butter on them. Yum. Not too many half shell eaters though.

(pic 545)

My bus in the desert outside of Quartzsite, Arizona. 2000. An upgrade from the Econoline. I'm still living in it but building a house as it's time to move on.

(pic 550)

This is one of many stoves I built at the time. I had quite a little cottage industry going on. It gave me a nice income for 3 months in the Fall.  I stopped because I started coming to Quartzsite earlier each year and so I kind of phased out the stove business. We also had a fire in the shop necessitating putting on a new roof. 

Jeff used to help me with the stoves. He also developed a waste oil burning furnace and built and sold many of those.

(pic 555)

Sagramore the Wonder Dog. (Great Dane) 1980. We bought him when he was 4 1/2 months old and he grew up with the kids.

We could have registered him but didn't. His full fancy registered name was "Sir Sagramore of Gaymyles". PJ picked out the name from King Arthurs Knights of the Round Table. I had never heard of Sir Sagramore as I never read that particular piece of literature but I liked the name. We always fielded a lot of comments about his name.

He traveled with us everywhere we went in the trusty '62 Ford Econoline van.

(pic 560)
2002, Jeff, Tammi and Brian

(pic 561)
2002, Shane and Kayla Farlee

(pic 565)

#2 son Brian and I on the way to Wanless Lake in the Cabinet Mountains wilderness in NW Montana. Aug. '03. Nine miles of beautiful trail to get there.

(pic 566)

Tammi, Brian's wife, Me and Brian.   Wanless Lake trail Aug. '03 Forgot to mention my dog Honey with pack in bottom of picture.  My kingdom for a pack donkey!

(pic 570)

I got a bug a few years back to have a tipi but to put up a tipi you must have poles, North Idaho could be considered the tipi pole capitol of the world due to the prolifernce of lodge pole pine which grows small, tall and straight, I cut the poles and made a rack on the bus and brought them to Quartzsite in the Fall of '01.

 I made the peeler and went to work. The poles are 24 feet long and 3 and 4 inches in diameter on the butt. As they were still green, they peeled pretty easy.

My friend Gary has definitely got the best job, turning the poles as I peeled them. Note the weather in late October/early November.










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